Too COOL For School?

Imagine, if you will, that you’re the politician and under-politician in charge of a smallish country’s education system. Not the smallest, but not exactly big either. The sort of place where people mess with medals tables data to try and get nearer the top without actually winning any […]


The All Black Brand

It’s been a bad week for New Zealand’s most famous brand, the All Blacks. Well, it has been if you listen to the howling of sofa-bound Steve Hansen’s, ringing into RadioSport to decry a group of professional athletes competing at the highest level for falling short of perfection. […]

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This Is Not America

Donald Trump is a walking, talking, living comments section. He’s every ‘Well actually…’ conversation women have ever heard, every ‘I’m not racist, but…’ experienced by people of colour and he’s bound together by that insidious sticky rising tide of thought which favours anecdote and confirmation bias over reality […]

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It Ain’t Right

“Shit, looks like they’re going after that kid” “We should do something” “What, and draw attention to ourselves? Yeah, nah” How bullies work isn’t exactly complicated. The threat, the fear of being targeted and being next, is what holds their power. As does the seeming indifference or wilful […]


Bloody Hell

Corbyn is on the ballot. Constituency Labour Parties and subsidiary branches are suspended until September. The hundred thousand or so members who joined post-Brexit cannot vote. Neither can anyone who joined after mid-January, including every single member of the recently re-affiliated Fire Brigades Union. Well, they can all […]

Digital: GWB: NATO work session

Blair’s Chilcot Lesson

I wanted there to be weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. A secret underground facility, one of the mobile chemical weapons labs we were told about. Definitive proof of Al Qaeda working with Saddam Hussein. Something that would connect the words and statements and imploring to reality. Something. […]

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Subtle & Vicious

The Conservative Party have always been a more subtle and vicious political party than Labour. In the aftermath of the EU referendum, David Cameron’s resignation was unexpected, but only in that it came so soon. Cameron, the first Conservative Leader to form two successive Governments since Thatcher, was […]


The Long War

“Welcome to Britain” tweeted Danny Wallace in the days following the Brexit vote “The local time is 1972”. Not in the Labour Party, it isn’t. If anything, the extraordinary ructions as a result of the Government committing to and losing a referendum, are far more reminiscent of 1980’s. […]

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A Disorderly Brexit

The United Kingdom elects 73 MEPs to the European Parliament every five years, from twelve regional constituencies. Each region has a number of MEP’s, proportional to their size. Proportion is important, because it’s one of the few election processes in the UK which does not use First Past […]


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